Bipolar disorder is a mental illness characterized by extreme mood swings involving periods of mania followed by periods of depression, with each episode ranging from days to weeks.
Self-soothing refers to behaviors we can engage in to minimize the intensity of our symptoms when we are feeling anxious, depressed, triggered, or…
We are bound to experience relationship problems regardless of the type of relationship.
Regardless of the nature of the relationship, we will inevitably hurt the people in our lives.
Space is a boundary we set during conflict or when we need a break to regulate and process our emotions. We can learn to use space in five steps.
Sad days are inevitable, but there are ways to manage them.
Research suggests that most problems in relationships are unsolvable. When we cannot manage these problems, we become stuck or gridlocked.
Not being able to say "no" to others leads us to overextend ourselves or to put ourselves in situations we do not want to be in. When we learn to say…
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